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Vasant Panchmi - 24th January 2015
09:30AM: There will be Shikshapatri poojan after the morning sabha
5:45PM to 8:00PM: Shikshapatri recital followed by Raas Utsav

Please note:
To take part in the morning Poojan, please bring along with you; your Shikshapatri and 2 Asans (1 for you to sit on and 1 for the Shikshaptri Poojan)

On this day in Samvat 1882 (1826 AD) in Vadtal Lord Shree Swaminarayan unveiled the jewel of the Sampraday, the Holy Scripture called SHIKSHAPATRI. The Shikshapatri is an ocean of knowledge and it contains the mysteries of the smruti shastras.

Lord Shree Swaminarayan has in 212 verses given us the key for living a happy life leading to moksha. Shreeji maharaj has written the Shikshapatri, not only for his followers or for gods, rishis or humans but for the welfare of all...


Shikshapatri Online ->

'My Wishing Stone' - Shibir 2015

Yuvatis: 10th - 14th August 2015
Yuvaks: 14th - 18th August 2015

Once you have come in contact with Maharaj you have then achieved everything. Whatever you wish for, you attain. Maharaj is therefore our "Wishing Stone"

Shibir will teach you how to remember and keep in contact with Maharaj. There will be fun workshops dealing with how we can overcome various things that stop us from getting to the wishing stone. It has also proved to be a great platform to meet new people and make new friends. The experience will uplift you and take your soul closer to our beloved Ghansham Maharaj. So what are you waiting for??

Click on the poster for more details. Download the form here ->

Shibir 2015

Shaak Utsav 
Sunday 18th January 2015

Shree Kutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple Harrow Will be holding an Saak Utsav Prasad.

Join us this evening from 4.30pm onwards....

Shreeji Maharaj first did a Saak utsav in the Village of Loya, in the month of Magshar/Posh 1877. There were no other festivals during this month so Sura Khachar requested Maharaj to introduce an utsav all devotees could celebrate together, as he said this… Click Here to read more...




Patotsav 2014

26th December 2014 to 1st January 2015

Join us for our 18th Anniversary Celebrations. The event will be graced by learned Saints from Shree Swaminarayan Temple Bhuj, who will recite the holy scripture Shree Ghanshyam Leelamrut Sagar. Katha commences on Friday 26th December, with Abhishek on Thursday 1st January from 7:00am onwards and other programmes throughout the week... Click on the poster to find out more!

18th Patotsav Pothi Yatra Pictures...

18th Patotsav Day 01 Pictures...

18th Patotsav Yuvika Cultural Programme Pictures

18th Patotsav Day 02 Pictures...

18th Patotsav Day 03 Pictures...

18th Patotsav Day 04 Pictures...

18th Patotsav Day 05 Pictures...

18th Patotsav Day 06 Pictures...

18th Patotsav Day 07 Pictures...

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