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Patotsav 2014

26th December 2014 to 1st January 2015

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Vachnamrut Jayanti - 26th November 2014

This Wednesday 26th November marks Vachnamrut Jayanti and 195 years since it was compiled. Swaminarayan Bhagwans teachings and discourses were delivered at different places during a decade-long period.

The Vachnamrut is the most sacred and foundational scripture in our Sampraday, consisting of 273 Sabhas. It contains the essence of the Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagvad Gita and many more. The teaching is very simple and easy to understand.

Five scholarly Nand Santos, namely Muktanand Swami, Gopalanand Swami, Nityanand Swami, Brahmanand Swami and Shukanand Swami, compiled the Vachnamrut. These Santos wrote down all the questions and answers that were given by Swaminarayan Bhagwan, the Santos and Haribhaktos...



Tulsi Vivah - 6th November 2014

From 4:00PM followed by Mahaprasad

Once there was a king by the name of Kushdhavaj. He was a true devotee of God. He had two daughters who were devout Satsangi's, one by the name of Vrunda and another named Vedavanti. From a very young age, both had renounced the material world and were fully devoted to God.

Vrunda and Vedavanti decided that they wanted God Himself to be their true husband and they would not marry anyone else. In order to please God, they both began to meditate and perform very difficult penance (Tapa). After a long period of penance, God was very pleased and appeared before them. God asked them to express their wishes so that He could fulfil them and also promised to remove all their pains and sufferings...

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