Pragat ke guun hum gaave

Composed by: Muktanand Swami

The almighty Lord has come to this earth Himself to instill purity in the pre-established religion. The rising sun of the Swaminarayan Sampradaya is shining in the hearts of all the devotees. To improve on the Sanatan Vedic Dharma, Shreeji Maharaj is travelling far and wide blessing all devotees and explaining His true form and might with the help of leading saints like Muktanand Swami. They were once returning from Sardhar village and reached the city of Gondal. Upon hearing that Maharaj was coming to their city, the king Hathhibhai with devotees like Dosabhai, Jethabhai, Raghavbhai, Rudabhai and others went to welcome Maharaj and the saints, and organised a great procession amidst pomp and celebration to escort them to the city.In the evening congregation, Shreeji Maharaj asked Muktanand Swami to sing a kirtan and recite a story of divinity. Muktanand Swami prepared his musical instruments and sang a kirtan. The kirtan Swami sang was especially dedicated to the king since he had his doubts about Maharaj. He could not believe that Maharaj was the supreme Lord and had come in this era of Kaliyug. To clear his doubts Swami sang this kirtan and explained to him the very existence of Purshottam Maharaj amongst them all.


Pragat ke gun hum gaave, pragat darshaku paave,
Pragat vina je bhut bhavishya he, so supne mein na bhaave Pragat (1)
Jogi jangam tapsi sanyaasi, prokshahi moksh bataave,
Pragat prichh vina pachi haare, kakasa kuti udaave Pragat (2)
Pragat bhakti aru pragat prapti, pragat vina man naave,
Pragat moksha ka panth bataave, pragat bhaav oor laave Pragat (3)
Pragat naval prabhu pragat premras, pragat so bharbhar paave,
Pragat pramaan praan jivan par, Das Mukund bal jaave Pragat (4)


Muktanand Swami explains to Hathhibhai, We only sing kirtans in praise of the current form of Bhagwan and only do darshan of the current Bhagwan and that’s the only way we receive the ultimate happiness (bliss). (1)
There have been incarnations in the past and there will be more incarnations in future but we are getting unparalleled happiness from this present incarnation which is Shreeji Maharaj. Although the form currently on this earth might look too timid and has not displayed the great actions of valour done by the prior ones, it is this one that grants the ultimate salvation. We do not even dream of others apart from the current form. The ascetics preach that singing kirtans of the past incarnations is the only way to ultimate salvation but that is like worshipping the invisible, something we have never seen. (2)
Worshipping the current form i.e. Shreeji Maharaj who is with us and whom we can see is the only goal to salvation. It helps in comfortably achieving all our aspirations of this world. Hence we cannot set our mind on any previous incarnation. Getting to understand that this present form is the Almighty Himself, and appreciating the opportunity that we have received is no small achievement and should not be taken for granted. Having the joy of playing with the Almighty, offering Him our services, and having His vision daily have not been available to sages and ascetics who had done severe penance for thousands of years. After getting this bliss, would we need to look elsewhere? When we want to benefit from anything we need to have it present with us for it to fulfil our wishes. In similar manner, when we desire salvation, then the one to grant that salvation must also be present. We have to associate ourselves with that great name and our efforts gain credit. Otherwise all our efforts are like many zeros without a leading figure of one, or like a marriage procession without the groom, or like a cradle without a baby. If the object of all prayer is the Lord Himself, then those prayers are successful. Our present and future times are blissfully improved. However, those who still cling on to previous incarnations and do not recognise and appreciate the present form will never receive the blessings of the Lord. (3)
Worldy happiness becomes less attractive by expressing the happiness of the current avtar i.e Shreeji Maharaj. That is the greatness of doing bhajans of Shreeji Maharaj. (4)
In his Haricharitramrut volume, Adharanand Swami comments that Muktanand Swami has composed and recited about 15 songs pertaining to the importance and glory of this present incarnation.